About Us

First and foremost we want to say that we're not here to get rich.

We're here because we're into music, playing, fixing things, making friends, and helping people find what they are looking for. And if someone doesn't know what they need or want - we'll help them figure it out. We are here to help, that's the way we do things around here.

We opened in November of 1996 and have been growing our inventory and our customer base ever since. You'll notice a difference between us and big box retailers when you walk in. There's a community feeling and it's easy to become a regular. We will learn your musical preferences, get to know you, and fine-tune our service to you.

We carry a diverse range of musical equipment that caters to pros and beginners alike. But we are very careful with what we carry - no junk allowed! Even our used equipment is carefully vetted, serviced, and priced to offer you maximum value. We are not worried about our various competitors because we focus on competively priced, high quality musical equipment offered with superior service.

You should come in and see us - get to know the Bigfoot difference. (Rawr!)

Deric Dobesh

Co-owner of Bigfoot Music. Deric has been around since the beginning, building the store from the ground up with personal guitar and amp collections. Deric is the guy you want to talk to if you've got any tube amp or effects pedal questions. He's built dozens of pedals and tube amplifiers. He also knows tons about guitar setup and repair and is certified by multiple manufacturers for warranty repairs. 

Ryan Laffin

The other co-owner of Bigfoot Music. Ryan has been here since just after the beginning as the first official employee of Bigfoot Music. Ryan is the guy to talk to about computers, PA and recording as well as any guitar and bass questions you might have.

Sam Dobesh

The second Dobesh here in the shop, Sam is our resident bass lover. Purveyer of all things fine in life, Sam plays double bass in a symphony and jazz combo, as well as several local bands in the area. He can help with pretty much anything you may need, and like his father, can keep you enraptured in musical theory talk for hours.

Colton King

Colton is the newest addition to the team, but this isn't his first rodeo with Bigfoot. He volunteered with us for several years and is back for round 2! He's a natural born player and has a great ear to get you the instrument you're looking for. He's also got a huge amount of experience with DAW's and recording techniques and can answer questions related to music production. 

Aaron Hale

As a lifetime customer of Bigfoot music, the transition to an employee was a natural one. Spending most nights playing live music, he can help with live music production questions and playing techniques. Also, he has studio production experience and can help you figure out how to build out your production systems for a wide variety of applications, including integration with video systems. 

6 Months No Interest, All Day, Every Day!!! 

On Purchases over $250.00 OAC.