Buy, Sell, Trade, Consign, Finance? Yes.

We get asked all the time about this stuff and yes we do it all. Obviously we sell, we're a music store but we also buy from the public. Do you have an old instrument or amp lying around that you don't use any more? Need some cash quick? Or inherited a bunch of stuff you don't know what it is or how much it is worth? Come see us. We're honest to a fault and will let you know exactly what it is worth and what we are willing to give you for it.

We also do consignments. Bring your instruments or amps or whatever else you might have in. Again we'll tell you what is likely to sell for and based on that we come up with a minimum you'd like to sell it for. When it sells we let you know and you get paid. It's that easy. Of course we do take a percentage for our trouble but you usually come out ahead of selling it to us outright.

Then there is the trade. It works much the same way the Buy does but there is usually a little more wiggle room and you can come out a bit ahead of selling it to us outright.

Last but not least, we do Financing. If you need to spread out the cost over time or build your credit this is a good way to do it. We are always offering 6 Months no interest on any purchase over $250. Our Vendors also offer promotions from time to time on financing that are usually very generous, so feel free to ask about those as well. We also have reasonable interest bearing plans up to 48 month if neccesary for your bigger purchases.

One way or another we have something to offer. Buy, Sell, Trade, Consign, Finance? Yes.

Below are some links to some of the recent purchases we've made, trades and consignments. 

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6 Months No Interest, All Day, Every Day!!! 

On Purchases over $250.00 OAC.