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Lets face it, most people don't really take the Ukulele very seriously as an instrument. It's little, only has 4 strings(sorry bass players) and is tuned really funny but you can't deny how popular it has become in the last few years or the amazing music that is being created on this diminutive instrument. If you really think about it, it might me the ideal folk instrument, inexpensive, portable and versitle. Anyone from 3 to 103 can wield a uke without dificulty and for a youngster who may be too small even for a small guitar, the ukulele is a great way to start. The uke is finally starting to get the respect it deserves and you don't just have to play Hawaiian music on it.

We've got plenty of Ukes in stock in all sorts of price levels. Check out these links and videos and get inspired.

Kala Ukuleles

Kamoa Ukuleles


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The kid can carry a tuneI'm still way a beginner, with inberdicly amateurish chops, and yet look at how I am able to amuse myself already: The Reuben Kincaid: Fire on the Mountain, take 2, basic uke feel track

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