Our Inexplicably Unloved Guitars

So for the last however long, we've had some pretty nifty guitars up on our wall that, for just some dang reason, won't sell. I'm not talking about cheap, weird goofball items or the super crazy, high-end, only some guy who says "he knows Dave Matthews and wants to get him [our] most expensive guitar"-guitars. Those things come and go like the wind, and yet...I'm about to talk about three excellent guitars that kick ass backwards and forwards, that everyone who tries 'em seem to love, but mysteriously never seem to take a bite. The first of which is this sexy piece of work right here:

About the "Marvin" ($599.99) :

I'm gonna come out and say that I'm reluctantly promoting this guitar on the website. NOT because I think it's a bad guitar. On the contrary, I'm just being greedy: I myself want to buy this thing because it is quite awesome. Unfortunately, I've been asked to blog about it anyway and as useful as it would be to bad-mouth it, I can't. It's a cool piece of work and nearly impossible to bad-mouth. The "Marvin" is essentially a beautiful Frankenstein-monster handiwork of Deric's, featuring a Warmoth neck, a Carvin body, Dimarzio pick-ups and general bad-assery that's hard to manufacture. Now I don't pretend to know much about tone (I'm really just a drummer, so tone-junkies can feel free to take everything I say with a grain of salt here), but I do know what I like and what I don't. This thing sounds pretty darn awesome (great for metal or a dark blues/hard rock), but even more importantly, it plays without a second-thought. My philosophy is that tone can always be changed, edited, and improved upon whereas the general feel of an instrument in your hands and the dynamic it has with your playing is pretty much set in stone. So the way an instrument feels to you is one of the most important things in picking out another tool in your musical arsenal. The "Marvin"? Plays like butter. Feels tight and tough, solid as a rock, and a great snappy dynamic in your hands. The neck is oil finished so it stays smooth and fast, making it great for shredding or for easy, greasy blues-rock. Also, it's a dirt-simple guitar: two knobs, one switch, and a tremelo. No fuss, no muss. Everyone who eyes it in this store picks it up, takes it for a spin, and gives it their approval. 

And yet! No one seems to bite it. Which is a shame because, fair-warning fellas, if you don't take this guitar as seriously as it deserves, I might just beat you to it ;)


Warmoth neck

Carvin body 

Hip Shot Bridge

Dimarzio humbuckers (CrunchLab and Liquifier)


Sleek, black, and sexy


About the Schecter CSH1 ($399.99):

Honestly, I've yet to pick up a Schecter I didn't like. Something that Schecter seems to grasp really well is an general solidity in their guitars without having to be overly heavy or cumbersome. By that I mean, you can pick up a forty-pound Les Paul with deluxe hardware and reinforced this that and the other thing, and it still may not feel as clean, simple, and sturdy as a light-weight Schecter. This particular one that we've had in the store for some time now is a semi-hollow, flame-maple topped veritable piece of shreddery, featuring rosewood frets and two humbuckers designed by the good people at Seymour Duncan. And for something as interesting and elegant in looks, it matches in a surprising amount versatility. Put it through most amps and fiddle with the knobs a little, and you can everything from a clear, tasty clean to a bright, punchy overdrive, to a warm, subtle jazz. And because of the semi-hollow body, it boasts a full, resonant sound.

So, what's the crying shame here? The crying shame is that this thing is one of the store favorites and liked by all who try it, and yet, no real takers. We've had this shiny little item for several months now and have shaved the price down and down and down (keeping in mind, these things are in the $600-$700's new). This guitar is that hot young thing loved by all and yet no one seems to want to put a ring on her finger, and guess what? She needs some lovin', and she's getting impatient. Anyone in the mood for some hard-rockin' romance in a Schecter?



Flame Maple top

Neck-through and slick

Rosewood Fretboad  

Gold hardware


and last, but certainly not least...


About the Guild Bluesbird ($1299.99):

Guild always seems to have a way of mixing elegance and utility. And though they've since stopped making electric guitars, the Bluesbird is no exception there. I myself have never been a huge fan of Les Paul-style guitars (mainly because they are so dang bottom heavy most of the time, and I'm a tall, skinny chick who gets animated in the middle of a gig and thus, occasionally loses her balance); but being a Les Paul style guitar, this guy plays easy and strong, like a good blues guitar always should. Like I said before, the feel of a guitar is imperative to a musicians choice, and that is exactly why the Bluesbird is a great find: it works with you, not against you. An instrument with which you need to fight to get good sound out of it isn't a great instrument in my opinion, no matter the name or the manufacturer or the degree of fanciness in the features. But speaking of fancy features, this thing earns it's higher-end status with a semi-hollow mahagony body, flame-maple top, Grover tuners and Seymour Duncan SH-1 humbuckers which gives it punch, warmth, heart-and-soul. The thing is generally big-sounding, and for a hefty-looking guitar, it's actually quite light (so if you're a tall, skinny punk like me, no probably won't buckle under this). 

I'd consider this guitar a strong weapon suitable for any bluesman's arsenal and certainly worth the extra couple hundred bucks. The thing is just begging to be played: it just needs an Arthur to its Excalibur to make it a real champion axe. 


Flame maple top

Single cut semi-hollow mahogany body

Seymour Duncan SH-1 pickups

Rosewood fretboard

Pearloid inlays


So there you have it. Three guitars just waiting for three worthy weilders with an eye for an excellent deal and an ear for a distinct personality in each one. Don't let them wait any longer!

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