Loud 'n Pointy Guitars!

Alright, Metal-heads, your ship has come in: and it's a pointy, squealy ship made of FIRE and BRIMSTONE and the souls of HELLISH MONSTROSITIES! Actually, it's mostly just new guitars from LTD and Jackson (with a pinch of hellish monstrosity for good measure). Here's what we're featuring this week:

Bored with Only Six Strings?

Once again I'd like to say that I'm a drummer and therefore, historically speaking, I do not consider myself smart enough for anymore strings than six. But if you happen to be smarter than me, then I invite you to say, "screw moderation" and check out these new 8- and 7-string LTD's. 


 It doesn't take one long to see that progressive rock, jazz fusion and "math metal" are gaining momentum in the guitar culture. Players like Tosin Abasi and Misha Mansoor are making the seven and eight string thing increasingly practical and providing the world with some fascinating guitar work given the extra low end they've gained. It may be a niche, but it's a growing niche with more and more guitarists on the hunt for a quality max-stringed instrument.

Here at Bigfoot, we're featuring LTD's H-338 and MH-417 models for those of you who just need a little more "ha-rumph" in your sound.

LTD H-338 Features (Priced at $499.99):

Solid mahogany body (big, heavy, dark sound)

ESP ALH-208 pickups

Rosewood fingerboard

Black satin hardware and black satin finish  


LTD MH-417 Features (Priced at $699.99)

Solid mahogany body

Set, maple neck w/ rosewood fretboard

Tune-o-matic bridge

EMG-81-7 Humbucker in the bridge

EMG-707 humbucker in the neck

                                                                                                                 48mm Earvana compensated nut


 Anyone Up for Orc-Hunting?

It's pointy. It's black. It's all humbuckers. What more could a metal fan ask for? Well, personally, I'd like it if Jackson finally decided to spell "Kellie" the right way ;) But I digress. The X Series Kelly is actually a pretty sweet guitar. Asthetcially speaking, it kicks ass. Tone wise, this thing is pretty versatile for two humbuckers, being that you can get it from heavy-thudding-gut-wrenching rhythm to squealy-ear-splitting  shreds with a spin of

a knob or a flip of the toggle. It's a fun piece and as suggested, could probably be easily weaponized in the event of a goblin raid on your village.  All it needs now is some way for it to spit fire from the headstock. Or something. 

Jackson KEXTMG Kelly Features (Priced at $649.99):

Basswood body

EMG 81 Humbucker in Bridge

EMG 85 Humbucker in Neck

Set Maple Neck

Rosewood fingerboard

Jackson Shark-fin Inlays



 V's for Vendettas (the rock type, not the explode-y type):

We've got a couple of V's we're featuring on the blog this week, both of which we're all pretty impressed with here. First in line is the new Jackson X Series King V which isn't only a great sounding piece and a pretty easy player, but it's got "BLOOD RED BEVELS". That's right. BLOOOOD. As in, RAWK. 

Jackson KVXT King V Features (Priced at $599.99)

Basswood body

Maple Neck

Pearloid Sharkfin Inlays

EMG-HZ Pickups: H4-B in the bridge, H4-AN in the neck

Set Neck

Rosewood fingerboard





But let's say you're more of an LTD kind of person, and for some crazy reason, BLOOOOOOD RED BEVELS doesn't suit you (have you no SOUL??). Then let me call to your attention our other spectacular V here at Bigfoot: the LTD V-401! Like the Jackson V, it plays easy and sounds quite awesome with similar features including the double humbucking combo. Both V's are great additions to any metal arsenal. 

 LTD V-401FM Features (Priced at $699.99):

Mahognay body with flame maple top

Set maple neck

Rosewood fingerboard

EMG 81 Humbuckers in both neck and bridge positions




And it's worth mentioning, too, that right now we are rolling in the pointy guitars. So if anyone is up for some shredding, you know where to find us!



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