These Vypyrs have bite...

Every once in a while in the world of music retail a product comes along that, in terms of value for money, is an even more obvious choice than the time I bought that life-sized Hulk Hogan cutout for only 7 bucks.

 One such product that we at Bigfoot Music have been happily selling and playing on at our homes for the last 3 or so years is the Peavey Vypyr series of electric guitar amps, one of the most versatile, great sounding, and affordable amplifiers to hit the market in a long time. The Vypyrs come in four different sizes: a 7 watt (nano) battery powered version, a 20 watt (practice) amp, a 40 watt (Loud!) version and a butt-kicking 100 watt (LOUDER!!!) incarnation, each one with a built in array of amp models, effects and stompboxes that let everyone from the aspiring guitar player to the experienced pro dial up nearly any sound they can imagine.


 Just look at all those wonderful knobs and buttons...


While so-called “modeling amps” are not exactly a new concept (Line 6 has been doing it for nearly 2 decades) Peavey has upped the ante with the Vypyrs by including a greater number of amp models and effects that, in my humble opinion, sound significantly better than their competition. They also provide more tonal control, allowing for multiple types of adjustment on every single effect as well as separate delay and reverb. The result of all of this is an amp that is at home in nearly any setting and in the hands of nearly anyone, from the absolute beginner who just wants to learn what all these new-fangled guitar effects do without breaking the bank, to the gigging musician who knows that variety is the spice of, umm, tone. 








 Don't be this guy. 

 Just check out this video provided by the fine folks at highlighting all of the features of this spectacular amp, played by someone who is much more... talented than I am. 



Yes, Vypyr amps have been a mainstay here at the shop for a good long while, and it looks like that will continue as Peavey has just released the latest generation, the Vypyr VIP series. The new amplifiers include almost all of the models, stompboxes, and effects that made the first gen a smashing success, with additional features that can turn one of these things into a pretty awesome acoustic guitar amp, or even a rockin’ little bass rig. It can even transform your guitar into a synth, a seven string, an acoustic guitar, or a bass! The smaller sized Vypyrs offer all of this through a series of easy-to-use buttons and knobs while the (LOUDER!!!) VIP 3 has an LCD display for quick scrolling through the myriad of sounds, and any of the amps' features can be manipulated via Peavey's optional Sanpera foot controllers.

But the best part of these shred inspiring monsters? That would have to be the price, as Peavey has managed to keep it so low that nothing with as many features and abilities can touch it. The 20 watt VIP 1 sells for only $129.99 (just try to get a good amp and multi-effects unit for anything close to that), the 40 watt VIP 2 is $219.99, and 100 watts of screaming digital symphony will only set you back $299.99. Prices for the small and large Sanpera controllers are $119.99 and $229.99 respectively. 

So to guitar players everywhere, try out the new Vypyrs, you won’t be disappointed. And to Peavey, keep up the good work, guys. 

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