The Legend of the Minarik Goddess

Many eons ago, in the time of the ancient heroes such as Achilles, Perseus and…I don’t know…Samuel L. Jackson…legend speaks of an ancient guitar forged in the depths of Mediterranean Sea by Poseidon himself. That’s right. The god of oceans, tridents, horses, and earthquakes happened to also be a master luthier in his spare time. And from his divine labors, he succeeded in producing the Minarik Goddess, a guitar so shamelessly flamboyant, it is nothing less than anything a Greek deity could contrive.


 Said to have been crafted from the most mystical powers of the depths and the most dangerous beasts of the sea, the Minarik Goddess boasted tone beyond mortal comprehension and playability well worth its sea-salt. Magical features include:

-       A resonant, chambered body, as deep and menacing as the sub-marine world it was spawned from.

-       A quilted maple top infused with magical properties to mirror the rippling ocean tides of the Mediterranean.

-       Binding made from the bones of a Kracken

-       Inlays set by mermen craftsman from the scales of sea serpents

-       Surprisingly piercing passive pick-ups magically infused with voices of Sirens (the same that led many an ancient mariner to his demise).

What we figure is that, by some twist of fate, wizards have reproduced this guitar from the bowels of time in order to resurrect the rock. Now, it has magically appeared here at Bigfoot Music, and it is waiting for the worthiest (and certainly not the shyest) musician to wield it. Come check it out for yourself!

Stay excellent and have a good week!

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