Big Brother, Little Brother Strats

Here's a couple of cool new strats we've recently come into here at the shop. Check 'em out!

"The Big Brother": Fender Standard Strat Plus Top - $549.99

Turns out I'm actually becoming a pretty big fan of this new addition to Fender's Standard Series. Played around on this guy for quite some time and have to say it's quite an enjoyable guitar and sounds great. Fender makes two different kinds of Plus Tops at the moment, a Cherry Burst one, and a Tobacco Sunburst one which is what we have here at Bigfoot. It's a great, easy player and my assumption is the extra crisp sound is a natural byproduct of the fancy, schmancy flame maple top they tricked this guy out with. Delicious, classic Strat sound, plus great playability enhanced by the fast, satin-finished neck (which I appreciate). Certainly some of the nicest craftsmanship Fender is capable of in their mid-range guitars and then some. I recommend coming in and checking it out for yourself. Not only does the special maple top add to the tone, but it certainly adds a touch of aesthetic charm and uniqueness to a standard strat that I think many of you will find appealing. 


- Alder body with flame maple top

- Rosewood fingerboard & maple neck

- Satin urethane finish on the neck, polyester finsih on the body

- Three standard stratocaster single coils & typical five-way switch

-  The blessings of yours truly bestowed upon it


And now, for it's Lil' Brother...


"The Little Brother": Squier Standard Strat - $249.99

It's hard to argue with the quality of Squier guitars these days. Simply put, they're getting more and more badass with time while still maintaining superb budget-friendliness to all of us musicians without much money (Okay, that's all of us...). This new guy here is no exception and being that it follows in the tradition of its older Fender siblings, this guy has a similar aesthetic to the aforementioned axe to which I found myself quite attracted to. Let's face it: I like Squier guitars. For the money, they are easily some of the best playing instruments out there and I would more than once be inclined to choose a simple Squier over some of the MIA Fenders out there. This is no exception. For less than $300, you've got a fantastic looking, playing, and sounding guitar and that's a hard deal to beat. Played this one back to back with the Fender above and had to admit, it was hard to tell the difference in tonal quality, not to mention the ease of playing. Certainly recommended to those who are looking for the "next step" guitar in their lives, or just looking for a decent, honest workhorse guitar that won't crap out on you and will still make you look and sound good. 


- Agathis body with flame-maple veneer

- Rosewood fingerboard & maple neck

- Polyurethane finish (cherry sunburst)

- SSS configuration with standard strat single-coils

- Large 60's style headstock


Come on by the shop and feel free to check out these two badass guitars!

Stay excellent and have a good week!




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