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Well, this is awkward…haven’t written anything here in a while…

This week, I’m looking to shamelessly plug a new item here at the shop: the Fender Deluxe Players Strat. Behold, in all its “subtle” majesty:








 First things first, this is a lot of guitar for the money: it’s almost as if Fender had a surplus of random, fancy bits lying around and the guys there decided, “Hey…we could Frankenstein some pretty cool stuff!” And though, (I’ll level with you here), I have a personal allergy to tortoise pickguards and gold-on-blue hardware, I got over my aesthetic snobbery pretty quick when I actually picked these up and played them. These are great, fast-necked players that make full use of all the best parts of a typical strat plus the non-traditional features. They also come in snappy colors: 
















The coolest thing about these guitars, however, is the extra pick-up combinations that they provide with the extra push-push button feature on the panel. Whereas a standard or traditional strat has a typical 5-way switch that give you the classic pick-up combinations…







































 …these buttons actually afford you the rest of the possible combos by kicking the bridge pickup in at positions four and five...























That extra twist in the set up itself married with the Fender Noiseless pickups make for some interesting sounds, yet still remaining faithful to the classic strat feel and sound.

Features Include: 

- Ash body, maple neck 

- Available with rosewood necks

- Gold hardware

- Fender Noiseless pickups

- Typical 5-way switch with push-push button for bridge pick-up in positions 4 & 5

Like I said earlier, a lot of guitar for the money and certainly worth a test drive next time you’re in the neighborhood. 

That's that. I'm gonna go proof-read this and make sure my doodles of the single-coils only kind of look like ameobas. 

Stay excellent and have a good week!

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