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Keyboardists and digital pianists the world over, your prayers have been answered!...probably. As of last week, we are the now the proud merchants of several (SEVERAL!!) keyboards!

So, I’m by no means a keyboard expert, much less a pianist to any degree. I think the reason I nearly flunked my music theory class in college was, primarily, how much I suck at the piano (also, math). However, I’m going to once again pretend I know what I’m talking about and give you a quick tour on one of our latest items, which is the hip and classy Yamaha P-105. Yes, this will be a tour from someone whose greatest musical moment was this:



…so you know I’m a quality source of knowledge and experience. Let’s get started!

Yamaha P-105 Digital Piano (starting at $599.99):

Having spent some time getting to understand this instrument (at least enough to fool our readers into thinking I know anything about keyboards), there’s a few main points I want to get across as to why this is a pretty cool product…

 First off (and perhaps most importantly), it’s much, much more comprehensive than today’s average keyboard, synth, digital whatever set-up. As a musician, I’m wont to steer away from keyboards in general, not because I don’t think I can’t rock one (see video above), but because many keyboards, often the lower-end to mid ones, have an insane amount of confusing features that overwhelm at a first glance. Keyboardists will forever impress me because they have the attention span to learn the ins and outs of their little digital friends and can make the most of all those bells and whistles. Me? I’m a drummer. So, y’know. But the P-105 is beautifully simple and straight-forward; very intuitive for even someone who hasn’t a clue where to begin. Though yes, like all its other digital brothers and sisters it is loaded up with extra features and handy effects, you probably won’t have to spend hours and hours just trying to detangle the interface itself before you can get to playing or writing or just making noises that sound moderately funny.

Secondly, it is a portable, versatile instrument that does not skimp on quality or realism. The sounds and feel of the keyboard are tailored to be as alike to any concert piano as one can get in the digital piano world. Similar scale-length, weighted keys, and accurate recorded sounds help make the experience as realistic to a full-size piano as possible, and yet you can still fit the thing in your apartment, mobile home, cave on the edge of the woods, what have you. Not to mention it is set up to be taken on the road quite easily if you decide you’re badass enough for the challenge.

Third, you get quite a lot of piano for the money. Special features include “Pianist Styles”, which allow you to pick one of ten rhythm-and-riff combinations that you can easily chord along to. This is a helpful learning tool if you’re just starting out on keys, or if you are looking to compose and write. Just play your chords and the instrument itself accompanies you with melody and rhythm. And speaking of rhythm, the P-105 includes built-in drum tracks which make a happy, un-boring alternative to the typical metronome. Not to mention the oodles of voice presets and demos, if you like to trick people into being better than you are. Which I do.














Further features:

- 88 weighted keys

- USB to Host hook-up, AUX Line Out for mixers and powered speakers, 1/8 headphone jack

- Great quality internal speakers for excellent tone and monitoring

- 14 different voices, 4 types of reverb, 14 demo songs and 50 preset piano songs for background music if you like :)

- Records up to 100KB, dual-track recording

- Sound recorded from a Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano

- NOTE: The L85 piano stand ($99.99) and the LP5A footswitch set-up ($74.99) are sold seperately from the piano itself. 


All and all, it’s a great instrument and a fun way for us here at the shop to kick-start the keyboard sales. I recommend checking it out for yourself and asking one of us “wise, seasoned experts” to give you the full run down. And feel free to check out the rest of our keyboard stock while you’re here. Did I mention we have SEVERAL?

Stay excellent and have a good week!

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