Christmas Countdown Staff Pick #3: Ian's Pick!

When I asked Ian what he wanted me to write about this week, he gave me the following: "Kellie is a big dumb dumb head."

Then he got serious and told me that his picks for the Christmas blog this week focus on two main things: 1) awesome used deals on 2) all-American equipment. So in spite of my dumb-dumb-headedness, I will attempt to write an eloquent and even-handed blog on the following FOUR AWESOME ITEMS, all of them used and all of them 100% Amer'ca!

1) Used USA Gibson SG Classic ($749.99)

We get a lot of people coming in here on a regular basis in search of a great deal Gibson; and even though we aren't Gibson dealers, we do make a point to search out and stock the occasional great deal that floats our way. Gibsons currently hold the popular-kid status in the general public's eyes, so we try to be ready for the bargain-hunters out there with the classic-rock taste. This SG Classic is the perfect example of one such awesome deal just in time for holiday shopping. Comes equipped with classic P90 pickups for lots of bite and punchy rock tones (think AC/DC, T-Rex, some of Led Zeppelin's dirtier lixx), and the thing that I appreciate the most is how the thing physically feels in your hands when you're playing it. As opposed to some SG's out there with baseball bat necks and goofy-feeling balance between the body and the neck, this one has a nice, slim profile (for a Gibson, anyway) and doesn't require you to fight the guitar for the best sound. Plays easy and produces that gritty, dirty rock sound you may be looking for. And, of course, it's all American! So be a good patriot and come by this Christmas season to check it out. You'll be hard-pressed to find a better value on an American-made Gib, I can tell ya that!


2) Used USA Gibson Les Paul DC ($1,299.99)

 Speaking of American-made Gibs, this particular item may have accidentally won my heart. I make no secret of the fact that I'm somewhat unfairly biased against Gibson guitars, so when a Gibson comes around that I actually do like, you can take that to the bank. Or, ignore me. My opinions probably aren't anywhere near the average players so, take what you will from me. But to make a tired point, I found this Gib to be quite cool for a couple reasons: 1) It sounds really, really good without having to add or take away much from its natural tone and 2) Thinner neck and lighter weight, so you don't have to wrestle the music out of it so hard. Oh, and also, 3) Two knobs and a single three-way toggle to keep things simple and concise. All of these things I can greatly appreciate in a guitar because I'm tend to be more of a function over form player anyhow. But the good news for the majority of Gibson hunters out there is that it is a real, great-sounding, all-American, and best of all, AFFORDABLE Gibson just waiting for the smart Christmas shopper to stop by. It could be you!


3) MusicMan SUB Bass ($449.99):

Okay, now we're getting to the stuff that makes me giddy! Even though, this is supposed to be all about what Ian thinks is cool, whatever...I happen to really dig this bass and I'm not afraid to show it. Pretty much all of us here at the shop agree that MusicMan makes some of the coolest guitars and basses out there, and that's certainly not excluding the SUB bass. I believe that SUB is an acronym for something, but I choose to think it is an abbreviation for SUBstantial because dang. For a simple, passive bass this thing has complex and deep tones: growly, dynamic, not-too-bright, extremely articulate. The bass itself is also heavy as hell, which many of you (including myself) often take that as an indicator of deep, rich tones. It isn't always a guarantee, but it is certainly promising. SUBstance is the name of the game with SUB basses, and this happens to be a lot of bass for the dough, going for a heckuva deal for probably one of the best playing and sounding USA-built basses on the market. Come out of the winter air and warm up on this thing next time you're in the neighborhood. 


4) Peavey TL-Five Bass ($599.99):

And last but certainly not least, this fantastically green little number that I can say you won't come across everyday. These basses are a great examples of the some of the cooler Peavey instruments that came out in the late 80s/early 90s. In fact, I've started to give it the honorable nickname of the "Irish Explosion II" due to its bold, sexy color. I'm Celtic, I can't help it. Features a solid maple body and neck-thru design as well as 3-band EQ in the active setting, and a bypass switch to move into passive tones if you want a more organic feel. Very versatile instrument, feels and plays great, and is in need of the right bold-minded bassist to claim it this holiday season. Come test your bass-playing mettle! With METAL!


Stay tuned for next week's blog where we'll feature Lamp Chop's holiday pick! Stay excellent and have a good week!





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