New Deals for the New Year!!

Here at the shop we want to kick off the New Year with some awesome deals on gear. Check out 2015's new BlowOut List to get yourself outfitted for the next 365 days of RAWK!

Fender American Standard P-Bass: Now at $799.99!!








Fender Blacktop Precision Bass: Now at $449.99!!









Fender Standard Precision Bass: Now at $449.99!! 










Gretsch Synchromatic: Now at $599.99!! 










Fender Thinline Telecaster: Now at $699.99!! 










Jackson DKXT Dinky: Now at $379.99!! 












LTD V-401FM: Now at $429.99!!















Hartke 4x10 Bass Cab: Now at $399.99!! 













Hartke 1x15 Bass Cab: Now at $349.99!! 













Fender HSS Stratocaster: Now at $399.99!! 










LTD Viper 330: Now at $399.99!! 











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