In Case of MyDentity Crisis: Awesome New Deal from Mapex!


Now we're getting to the stuff I like: drums and free stuff! For a Limited Time ONLY, Mapex MyDentity will give you a Free Tom with the purchase of any of their 4-piece, 5-piece, and 6-piece sets! Not only do you get to make and order your very own custom set of drums, you get an extra drum! Woohoo! Check out this video for more shennagins or feel free to stop on by here and get more details. Hurry though, 'cause this only goes on until June 30th!!

Come in here a make a picky drummer proud by ordering your next awesome MyDentity Kit!

Stay Excellent and Have a Good week!


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6 Months No Interest, All Day, Every Day!!! 

On Purchases over $250.00 OAC.