Gearin' Up for the Season: For Starters...

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are descending upon us like Doomsday itself, and here you are wondering what the musicians (or aspiring musicians) in your life are hoping to find crammed into their stockings. Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start, much less where to find the best deals. Well, here at the shop, we like to make the generous gift-giving loved ones of musicians’ lives a little easier with our yearly sweet deals list.

For the aspiring musicians…

Starter Packs for Guitar, Bass, and Folk Stuff!

Squier Affinity HSS Strat/Tele Packs ($249.99):

Whether you’re going through an inevitable mid-life crisis, you’re a fifteen year old trying to impress the ladies, or maybe you’re a soccer mom of three looking to add a little extra edge to your day, there’s no better time than now to start playing guitar! And the people at Fender and Squier have never made it more convenient with such high-quality stuff than with their official Squier Affinity Starter Packs. Start shreddin’ away with your choice of a Squier HSS Stratocaster or (one of my personal favorites) a Squier Telecaster.

These guitars are affordable, great players, and of excellent quality in spite of the low price. Included with each guitar are a Fender Frontman 15G practice amplifier, clip-on tuner, an instructional DVD, strap, picks, instrument cable, and sweet portable gig bag. Essentially, ready to play right out of the box! Come pick one up this holiday season and we’ll get her set up and ready for the lucky loved one you have in mind.

Squier Affinity Jazz Bass Starter Pack ($299.99):

Let’s face it. Everyone wants to be a guitar player, and the resulting madness is that the market is saturated with lead guitarists. Where are all the people holding down the low end and maintaining the funk?! Noble bass players, I ask you: hast thou not enough recruits? Well, if you happen to be one of the blessed souls to pursue the path less travelled by and chose to take up the sacred mantel of funky-funkness, look no further than the Squier Affinity Jazz Pack to begin your quest for greatness. Trust me: you’ll get WAY more gigs as a bassist. They’re in demand.

The starter pack provides a genuine Squier Jazz Bass, one of the famous Fender Rumble amplifiers (15 watts) as well as your tuner, your instructional DVD, headphones, cable, strap, and gig bag. A pretty thumpin’ deal for a meager $299.99 and probably one of the coolest deals we feature at the shop this season. Come by this Christmas to pick one up and start the inevitable demolition derby as you rattle the foundations of your house apart. With FUNK.

Fender Concert Tone Banjo Pack ($349.99):

If you listen to the radio at all these days, or if you are (or happen to know) any 20-something year olds, you may have noticed that folk and bluegrass-style music has taken a turn for the cool these days. Pretty much every hit song out there right now has a random banjo solo in it which makes the song. Calling all banjo enthusiasts! If you wanna get started rockin’ the prairie, we’ve got a sweet deal here for the holidays! Fender’s Concert Tone Banjo Pack gives you everything you need to get started to take the Americana world by storm, including a Fender Concert Tone Banjo, gig bag, strap, tuner, picks galore, extra banjo strings, and the necessary instructional material. Time to pull out my ol’ Steep Canyon Rangers CD and get my Okie on. Yeehaw!

Fender Concert Tone Mandolin Pack ($199.99)

Nothing says Americana quite like a good ol’ fashioned mandolin. Some of this country’s best music has been made on these things and with the neo-folk movement on the up-and-up, now’s the time to give your fingers a fighting chance with a mandolin! The Fender Concert Tone Mando packs make great gifts for aspiring musicians everywhere looking to add some festivity to their music. At just $199.99, you get your classic A-style mandolin, picks, strap, gig bag, extra strings, tuner, and instruction material, making this a heck of a holiday deal. We recommend stopping by before the fast-approaching Yuletide and checking these instruments out for yourself!


Stentor Violin Outfits ($219.99-$269.99):

From students with a taste for the classical to the Lindsey Stirlings’ of the world who have all the freakin’ talent, violins are a wonderful gift for any musician! If you have an early-bird music lover in your life, violins are a very enriching investment and here at the shop we’ve got some screaming deals of awesome student model violins, complete with all the necessary accoutrements to start fiddlin’! Both outfits come with lightweight carrying cases, your bow, rosin, and top-notch Stentor violin. Go from awkward screeching and squawking to melting the hearts of all passers-by in no time!

Stay tuned during this holiday season for more sweet deals at Bigfoot Music! And feel free to hit me or anyone else over the head for answers to your Christmas shopping quandaries. Just be gentle…none of us wear helmets.

Stay excellent and have a great week!




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