Awesome New Gear for 2016: Post-NAMM Update!

Once again, Winter NAMM has come and gone, and in the wake of all the meddlin' and peddlin' and wheelin' and dealin' we come to many a gear-head's favorite time of the year: NEW STUFF!! Yay! Obviously something as big as the whole freakin' NAMM show isn't feasible for me to cover in one simple blog post, but we here at Bigfoot would like to share a choice few of the exciting new toys revealed for 2016 as well as update you on some important dealership changes like...


 Reunited and it Feels So Guild!

It may have been a bumpy year or two for Guild guitars since they came under some new management and moved to their new neighborhood, but I say unto thee, local Guild fans, rejoice! For the day of jubilation has come! Bigfoot Music has now renewed our dealership to Guild with access to their lovely line of world-class acoustics (just like good old times) as well as their electric and bass guitars, both import and (here's the best part) USA lines!

That's right: not only is Guild back, but they're back like the T-1000 (new, shiny, and with a vengeance), boasting at least two whole new series of products for 2016!

First is this year's addition to the Westerly Collection. Any of my fellow Guild-acoustic disciples and brand history nerds may appreciate this latest throw-back to Guild's Westerly, Rhode Island Era, widely considered to be some of the manufacturer's finest years in the biz. The emphasis of the Westerly line has been all solid, top-shelf tone-woods in each model (ranging from fancy to mega-fancy) and vintage specifications and features in an homage to the days of Guild's wonder years, including but not limited to: period-correct pickguards, beloved vintage neck shapes, and bone nuts and saddles which add an extra sprinkle of classy! 2016's addition to the Westerly family are the Westerly Archbacks sporting solid spruce tops, mahogany backs and sides, AP-1 pickups, open-gear tuners, and the signature Guild arch-back for optimal tone lushness and depth. Oh, and they're insanely affordable for the quality, mapping around $399-$499!

In addition to some cool new acoustics, Guild is proud to once again release their electric guitars and basses into the wild with their Newark Street Collection with more Polaras, Manhattans, Savoys, Capris, and Starfires than you can shake a stick at!...and by the way, you really shouldn't shake sticks at guitars. They don't deserve that kind of attitude and it just makes you look grump ol' fart.










"Guitars these days! Why I oughtta give'em what fer, dagnabit!"

All this to say, if you need something Guild, whether new and shiny or tried and true, we here at Bigfoot Music are more than happy to hook you up! Moving right along to some fresh new products from our good buddies at ESP and LTD...

 Frets, Fantastic Sigs, and Fancy Digs:

Gosh, I love ESP/LTD. They just get it, and they keep getting it well into 2016! Not surprisingly, there is a lot of sweet new gear to be drooled over this year from one of Bigfoot's favorite manufacturers and I can't possibly cover all of it, but I'm pretty jazzed to share some of the things we're most excited about here at the shop, like...

New Signature Models! ESP and LTD are widely known for making some of the best signature model guitars and basses on the market in unusually affordable price points. They've brought their A-game into the new year with a bunch of new and/or improved digs including brand-new James Hetfield Signature Model: the“Vulture” (specs and features) and introducing their first-ever Glenn Tipton Signature GT-600 (specs and features). Both of them are definitely our kind of guitar: simple, sexy, and metal as all get-out.

ESP Original, ESP II, and LTD are also boasting a couple of brand new models altogether – the Stream guitar or bass as well as the new ESP Original Arrow which has got to be one of the sexiest (and most ballistic/aerodynamically applicable) designs they've come out with in a while. Look at that thing! You could decimate a medieval village with the blunt force alone.






Speaking of sick new designs, here is something we're particularly excited about at the shop: LTD's Multi-Scale Basses. Available in both 4 string and 5 string models, this pair of crooked-looking thump-machines is a great example of some recent engineering cleverness in the guitar and bass industry (something we've even done a bit of experimenting with ourselves right here). The fanned-fret layout (though kinda weird looking) provides three advantages to your average bass fret layout:

1) More even tension between strings (especially with 5 strings)

2) Better intonation

3) More ergonomic fingerboard layout for improved playability.

Though still a relatively new concept in bass technology, ESP and LTD have never been ones to shy away from finding new and improved ways for making your playing experience ideal. As for us at Bigfoot, we feel like these basses have a lot of promise. But obviously, that opinion isn't just limited to us, seeing as how the Multi-Scale basses are currently on back-order everywhere since their announcement at NAMM. We shall be waiting with baited breath until they make their debut here at the shop! I'm a big believer that the best things are worth the wait ;)

Seems as though 2016 is starting off at a great clip with all these new toys coming our way in the near future. Check back at the shop for updates on the incoming inventory and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest and greatest info on the sweetest deals and coolest gear we know.

 Stay excellent and have a great week!


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