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Boy, do we have some sweet microphones for you! Bigfoot Music is happy to announce a fresh new family of transducers to help your kick drums thump harder, your vocal cords scream louder, and your smooth, sultry independent radio voices to put even more people to sleep with some of the cleanest, clearest, most accurate audio on the market today. Here’s a quick peak at our new line of Audix Microphones, but first…

A Quick Word About Audix:

The good folks at Audix has been lovingly crafting some of the coolest pro audio microphones out there since the first Police Academy: that’s thirty years, for all you iPhone swipin’ Millennials with yer Tweeters and yer Snapster-grams. Often recognized for their innovative, high-quality drum mics, you may be surprised to know that Audix is one of the best microphone manufacturers, period, rivaling the likes of mic-giants such as Shure and Sennheiser.

Chances are if you’ve hung out at Bigfoot before, you already know that size doesn’t matter ;) Though Audix is perhaps a smaller company than other major manufacturers, their dealers around these parts can brag about them in two ways: not only are the majority of their fine products 1) Made here in the USA, they’re 2) Made right here in the Pacific Northwest! Wilsonville, Oregon to be exact. And almost every aspect of the manufacturing process is carried out right in their local facility, from dreams-to-death-metal-vocals-in-your-face reality.

Let’s take a look at some of their hottest models...of the microphone variety, not the human variety…











Although, there are SOME of us on staff who

take to it more than others...

Flagship Mics from Audix:

In music, good dynamics (and dynamic mics) are everything! Leading the dynamic pack is the OM2, Audix's answer to the ever-popular Shure SM58, but with a few important distinctions: 

1)   a tighter polar pattern for better source isolation (hypercardioid as opposed to the SM58's cardioid)

2)   a wider frequency range with more emphasis on handling high-end (50Hz to 16kHZ), which all contribute to the OM2 having…

3)   an extremely accurate, cleaner, clearer sound giving you a very modern, all-purpose vocal mic.

The OM2 is able to handle high SPL levels like a champ without being overly muddy and distorted, in part due to Audix's VLM™ diaphragm technology which promises very articulate response and sensitivity for all those little things in your voice that give it character.

If you’re a vocalist looking for the next best microphone, be sure to come in and ask us about how the OM2 compares to other industry standards. In fact, ask us about our experimental shoot-out between an SM58 and an OM2. The comparison produced some pretty insightful results and we’d love to talk to you about how the OM2 actually improves not only your sound but your singing technique! Ask us about Audix mics if you’re a singer wanting to bring your sound (and your chops) up a notch! Oh, did I mention it’s only $99.99 (same as the Shure)?*

Speaking of taking it up a notch, come by the shop to check out the step-up OM5! If the OM2 is Audix’s SM58, the OM5 is the Beta 58 and the difference in sound quality easily justifies the larger price tag. At $159.99, the OM5 gives you an even tighter polar pattern to really centralize your sound and a special mid-range boost in the microphone’s EQ circuitry which provides powerful presence. This mic is ideal for experienced vocalists who want to do their technique and control justice! If you come by the shop to test-drive it, tell Deric I promised ya’ll he’d demo it for you ;) Heh heh heh…

Now, about Condensers: Audix makes ‘em and they’re cool! Easily one of the more impressive models is the VX5 all-purpose condenser mic (think a Beta 87 with je ne sais quoi). Pardon my French, but this mic is not for the faint of heart: the VX5 is a condenser with some of the cleanest, clearest, fullest, and ruthlessly accurate sound you can get. This one is for folks who aren’t just pretending to be rock stars but have the chops and technique to back it up. These are ideal for recording and for studio-level sound in live performance, brandishing as 14mm gold vapor diaphragm for superb electrical efficiency and state-of-the-art pad, roll-off and pop filter controls.

Oh! And before we go any further, I should say that if you pick up any of these mics here at Bigfoot Music, each one comes with clip, adapter, and a snappy little carrying pouch. Y’know, like the professionals!

Next, instrument mics!

Looking for a superb microphone that can handle anything and everything everywhere? Come into the shop and ask about the Audix i5: the perfect all-instrument, all-purpose mic that can still wield a mighty vocal performance. Similar to the SM57 (but with a much sexier grill), this mic is designed to be the all-around workhorse microphone that will deliver on every level! High SPL’s? No problem! Need a tight polar pattern? Cardioid, baby! Craving accuracy? The Very-Low-Mass™ technology that Audix is renowned for makes this mic a true transduction masterpiece. Think of the i5 as the Swiss army knife of microphones…just…don’t try to open your beer with it.

Moving on, I’ve managed to save the best for last! As any drummer worth her salt can tell you, getting the right kind of kick drum mic (and further still, the right kind of EQ balance for a kick drum mic) can sometimes be a Holy Grail-level escapade. Perhaps you’ll discover your perfect kick mic in the Audix D6

one of the finest things to come out of the Audix arsenal. True to their form, this ultra-tight cardioid mic comes to us with all the beloved Audix amenities: wide frequency range (30Hz-15kHz) for awesome low-end production, no-bulk, transformer-less and compact, and of course, VLM™ diaphragm technology for the modern sound you’re after.

There are many more mics I could burn hours and calories ranting about – for example, if you’re wanting high-quality Audix mics but you aren’t exactly blowing your nose with Benjamins, their Fusion series of microphones provide awesome (and inexpensive!) alternatives to most of the mics mentioned in this article - be sure to come see us in person to talk tech and get your mic questions answered.

And for those of you who geek out on manufacturing porn (like us at Bigfoot!), here’s a little fan service involving the Audix D6 *wink wink*:

So stop on by The Shop and give our new microphones a warm, locally-owned welcome! Also, I shamelessly recommend that you subscribe to this BRILLIANT and HUMBLE newsletter so you can keep track on all the new wheelin's and dealin's that go on around Bigfoot! A new article every week with access to the latest gear news and tech talk! 

Stay excellent and have a good week!

*Quick disclaimer: our enthusiasm for the new mics on the block is not meant to shadow our gusto for and long-held trust in the Shure brand. Just like in the world of guitar pickups (and a bunch of other products in the music industry) as long as they’re built top-notch and truck-tough, there is no one flavor of mic that’s superior to another. They’re just that. Flavors! So be sure to give Shure, Audix, and whomever else the same unflinching impartiality for your own benefit. There’s a place and use for each mic! 

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