Local Summer Activities for Bored Music Students!

Summer vacation is rearing it's big, beautiful, golden noggin' and schoooooooool's out. for. EVAH. Or, at least, a few months. And for many school students now faced with threeish months of nothing but free time and easy breezy life...sometimes, things get boring. Sometimes, you want a challenge! If you find you or your child/student grasping at straws for what to do to pass the hot, sunny time, we at Bigfoot have some excellent summer activities we'd recommend for practicing and/or aspiring young musicians. First, for those of you who've ALWAYS wanted to learn to shred, you actually don't have to look all that far... 

1) Take Lessons!

In addition to all the sweet gear we sell and awesome services we provide, Bigfoot also offers lessons in a variety of different instruments here at the shop including guitar, bass and drums! Also, very competitive lessons rates! Check out our teachers here to get quick bios on each and contact info. Each of our kick-ass teachers prefer to schedule the best time with you personally, so give ’em a ring to see when you can get started. All of our teachers come complete with studio space, expert knowledge, winning personalities, and karate-chop action.

2) Join the Symphony!

Ah, the sweet sounds of summer. Specifically, Summer Sounds! Provided by the good folks at Cascade Youth Symphony Orchestras, practicing music students looking to keep up their reps over the summer months can register for either one or both of the two weeks of jam-packed musical fun! For horns and concert instruments the menu consists of a week of “South of the Border” music from Central and South America and/or one week of Broadway hits and classics. For strings, two weeks of beautiful music-sweet-music! CYSO’s Summer Sounds will provide professional sectional coaching in formal concert fundamentals for young folks who want to take their music to the next level. Register to audition here for the 2016-2017 season or contact them at for more info.

3) Register for Camp!

Ever wanted to be able to start a sentence with “This one time, at band camp…”? Of course you have! Who wouldn’t? And what better way to start accumulating awesome band camp stories than to register now for Marysville’s Summer Tunes Band Camp, beginning July 25th and going through to the 29th!

Headed up by a couple of Bigfoot Music’s favorite district music teachers (Mr. Peter Joseph of Totem Middle School and Mr. Nathan Sachman of 10th Street Middle School), get ready to enjoy a week of fun and flippin’ excellent music with top-brass creative coaching. Two different course options (Concert Band and Jazz Band) are offered for students 6th-8th grade, designed to get your lips buzzin’, your sticks rollin’, and your brain pumpin’ all those magical musical juices! The Marysville Summer Tunes Band Camp is a great opportunity for music students who want to keep up their chops over the summer or prepare for the next school year to be at their best right away. Or, for band parents who just want to get that saxophone OUT of the house for a few hours of peace and quiet. Either way, it’s a win-win.

Register at the Marysville Parks and Rec Department today or contact the facilitators at (360) 363-8400 for more info!

So whether you're a student looking to keep up with your musical reps, a dreamer looking to begin a new musical adventure, or a band parent that just needs to get your kid out of the dang house for a few hours, take some time to check out these fun, local, community-building activities right here in Snohomish County to make sure your summer is the best it can be this year!

Stay excellent and have a great summer vacation!

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