[Insert Clever Christmas Title Here]: 2016 Holiday Blog!

Ah, the holidays are here! And as the first frost was settling into the tree branches and as I watched my husband hang up Christmas lights from the safety of ground level, I was quite suddenly reminded that… “Crap! I haven’t done the Christmas blog yet!”

So, here we go!

Every year you can count on Bigfoot Music to be your local, one-stop-shop for all your musical gadgetry! And as always around this time I like to help take a little bit of the stress out of your shopping panic by providing you with a handy list of gift idears for the musicians in your life. Here are just a few handy gift recommendations to make your Christmas list a little more musical!

1. Our Awesome All-in-One Starter Packs

Whether it’s a child looking to set out on the road to RAWK for the very first time, a friend or family member looking for a great deal on professional musical equipment, or a weird uncle wanting to relive his past “glory days” of touring with his Grateful Dead cover band, we’ve all got that loved one in our life that’s looking to kick open the door of the guitar/bass playing world and take a look around for themselves. Thanks to the folks at Fender and Squier, getting started playing couldn’t be any easier, more convenient, and better quality for the dough!

With the Squier Affinity Starter Packs for guitar and bass, your lucky giftee gets absolutely everything they need to get rawkin’ right away without having to go through the hassle of personally cobbling together whatever bits and pieces they can or, better yet, bleed their (your) wallet completely dry in the process. If you’ve got an aspiring guitarist on your list looking for a high-quality set up, you can choose between the Strat Pack or the Tele Pack for the best stylistic fit (we’ll help you figure it out if you’re not sure), or, for the potential bass-slappin’ funk-master on your list, we’ve got the Jazz Bass Pack with all the necessary trimmings and trappings!







But let’s say you’re shopping for a banjo or mandolin enthusiast instead. We’ve got starter packs for that, too! Each starter pack comes with picks, tuners, straps, amps (if applicable), and instructional material to ensure the best experience possible for the lucky beginner! Feel free to read up on these and other starter packs here, or better yet, come pick up a Fender or Squier instrument starter pack this holiday season and we’ll personally set them up and get them gussied up for unwrapping and rocking!

2. You Can’t Go Wrong with a Little Uke-mania

You may have noticed that we Sasquatches are pretty excited about ukuleles, given the fact that we sure do like to blog about them. Well, there’s a reason we love ukuleles so much: it’s because YOU love ukuleles so much. You, the music store customer, and really the whole of the music community, have fallen in love with these lil’ strummers increasingly over the last six or seven years.

Ukes are highly popular for many reasons; extremely easy to learn, portable and convenient for storage and travel purposes, and largely affordable! This is why Bigfoot Music maintains that ukes are some of our best gift options for the season and recommend anyone on the lookout for the perfect musical gift to come by the shop and ask us about them and/or demo them for you. Speakin’ of which;

Incidentally, kazoos and ukuleles are an excellent gift combo for just about everyone!

3. Killer Deals on Used Gear

We may be a picky store, but we also know that everyone loves a good deal on great gear. We make a point year-round to provide you with awesome deals on used equipment of superior quality and value, but especially around the holidays. This season, I can proudly tell you that we are rolling in awesome used drum kits and small guitar and bass amplifiers. So if you’re a fan of getting the best bang for your yuletide buck, visit the shop and peruse our (almost startling) abundance of drums and amps. Quick! Before the sheer volume of this stuff suffocates us!

4. Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!

Sometimes the best gifts for the musically inclined are the simple and practical ones. Guitarists need strings, sax players need reeds, vocalists need vocal spray, drummers need beer new sticks, etc. Even if you’re not sure what to get your musician friend/loved one this Christmas, remember that there are always basic staples of the trade that every musician needs replenished, or fun accessories and cool gadgets to enhance their experience and performance!

We’ve got everything: reeds, strings, tuners, picks, straps, tab books, amps, sticks, repair kits, recording software, pedals, effects, kazoos, about nine thousand sticks of cork grease, and sweet, sweet Bigfoot swag! Even if you’re not quite sure what to get for your beloved musician, we also offer gift certificates which come very much in handy around this time of year. 

So, to sum up: it's almost Christmas! We have awesome stuff! Come check it out and quit procrastinating like me...on everything. Including my own Christmas shopping... Gotta go!

Stay excellent and have a killer holiday!

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