Ian and Kellie decided they were bored. So, here's their attempt at being more productive. Check out the video blog for fun, informative, and down-right awkward online content pertaining to shop! 

Kellie have some fun with one of her favorite electronic kits

Ho freakin' ho

A quick homage to Kimbra/Nina Simone

Oodles of fun

Nominal kickability level: 12 and a half kick-a-bels

Speaks for itself

Two equally matched and totally competent musicians go toe-to-toe

And here's how Kellie earned her shop nickname

Tiny Drums

Kellie goofs around on an embarrassingly small drum kit

Ian's Tribute to Chris Isaak

After a long, hard day at work, Ian likes to unwind with a little interpretive dance.

Kellie and Ian's public service announcement for musicians with pointy clothes.

What Not to Do with Guitars: Part 2

What Not to Do with Guitars: Part 1

Kellie and Ian's first installment in a series of guitar-shopping etiquette.

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